Lost Royal Stuart Descendants

Help give America a Scottish Royal Stuart crown by birthright


Years of Work

I spent 6 years researching and had my father take a DNA test.

Thousands of Hours of Research

Thousand of hours have been dedicated to undertaking this research gathered by well respect historians also by myself and deceased family members who left us a paper trail of information leading me to the Buchanan's Estates in America.

Petitioned for Coat of Arms

2018 I petitioned the Lord Lyon courts for a specimen coat of arms chief of Buchanan and was denied because I'm American.

Murdoch Stuart

I'm from Murdoch Stuart second duke of Albany. Royal Stuart House. Isabella Stuart his daughter married Walter Buchanan and had Thomas Patrick and Maurice Buchanan.

Buchanan Line

I come from Thomas and Maurice Buchanan and also Thomas Buchanan's hier. William Buchanan whose ancestors are from both his Buchanan lines.

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